Yale – Keeping You Safer


Easyglaze are constantly searching for the very best for you and your customers. The brand name Yale, a world leader in security, was established in 1847 and supplying the highest quality window and door locks on the market.

10 Year Mechanical Guarantee
Every Yale shoot bolt window locking system is guaranteed against mechanical failure for 10 years after installation.

Security Guarantee
A £1,000 Security Guarantee is available upon request for The Yale shootbolt locking system. This would mean you will receive up to £1,000 towards home content insurance in the unlikely event of a break in.

Secured by Design Accredited
The Yale shoot bolt locking system has been accredited with Secured by Design police preferred specification, the highest possible level of protection against forced entry.

BSI Specification
All components are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and tested to the latest BSI security criteria pertaining to windows and doors.

Britain’s best selling multi-point door lock
The multi-point Yale Lockmaster® comes as standard on all our entrance doors, providing your home with the protection it deserves.

Available in both lever/lever and lever/pad configurations the Yale Lockmaster® comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against mechanical breakdown.

Pre-Compression Roller
Pre-compression roller cams ensure smooth operation and maximise weather proofing.

Anti-lift Pins
Anti-lift pins slot into the frame preventing the door from being moved or lifted.

Keeping You Warmer

Whilst A rated will retain the most heat we can do much better than A in fact we can achieve an amazing energy rating of up to A +21 dependent upon your requirements.

There are 2 main components of any double glazed windows.

First the PVCu extrusion that makes the frame. Liniar Profiles

We use the Liniar Energy Plus which is probably the most technically advanced uPVC profile system in the UK. It’s better than most because It incorporates all the following.

Glazing flipper
Unique ‘glazing flipper’ reduces cold transfer, water ingress and noise pollution.

Size-optimised chambers break up mini convection currents locking in pockets of warm air.

Superior gaskets
High performance (patented) double-action ‘bubble’ gaskets maintain tight weather seals.

Integrated reinforcing
Internal structures provide exceptional stiffness & rigidity whilst minimising the need for steel reinforcing.

Positive drainage
Specially designed profile contours maximise natural drainage and prevent moisture build-up.

Thermal dam
Designed to Passivhaus recommendations, the thermal dam reduces heat transfer.

Our own Easyglaze Supertherm+ glass units use Low iron glass which is a super clear glass that not only looks good but maximizes any solar gain. Then we keep the heat in with Planitherm One glass that has an optimum centre-pane U-value of 1.0W/m2K. Keeping the glass panes apart is a highly efficient thermal spacer bar and we fill the gap with argon gas to ensure even the cavity is thermally efficient.

Supertherm units can considerably give massive reductions in heating costs over standard glass.

All this helps to eliminate cold areas around windows resulting in greater comfort and reduces incidence of condensation on the inner pane.

The neutral appearance in both transmission and reflection looks maximises entry of natural daylight.